Diet DP

Stole some DP and taking after Aunt Tracy! Must hide the DP!

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Pune and his Favorite Band

Pune’s favorite band is Jay and the Americans. When Pune can’t be hanging out with Sandy on the beach, he watches their music videos on TV. To learn more about the awesome band “Jay and the Americans” visit their website at

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Special Bonus: Here are all of Pune’s past holiday cards.


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Happy Halloween!

I know, really lame to use last years pic.

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Hey, look at me!

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No Pictures Please!!!


Pune has to be in the mood to model. As you can see he wasn’t today.



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Found Christmas pics on a memory card

Here are some pics I just found on one of my many memory cards. As you can see Pune likes opening presents with the family. He loves phones especially when they come wrapped.

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Visited the family for Easter and had many adventures. Found some eggs, played in a tree fort and took the top down on a Vette! Oh, I ate a lot too.

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Happy New Year!!!

Some of my favorite food can only be had on New Year’s eve!! Mini Hot Dogs!!!

Happy New Year and best wishes in 2006!

Here is the photo we didn’t use for the Holiday card.

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Pune’s Holiday Card

Here is my 2005 Holiday Card. Hope you all enjoy it.
It was fun being Kong for a day especially after being called pune all my life!


Let me know if you what you think by clicking on comments.

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